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Where is Your Hope?

I was just about to leave the school restroom when a poster on the wall caught my attention. I stood and stared…my heart sank. I couldn’t wrap my head around the devastation of a child so filled with life, so full of potential, CHOOSING to end it all. And yet I know, this hopelessness–this believing that nothing will ever get…

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The Connector House

We purchased the Connector house in the fall of 2017 and sold it in the fall of 2018.  It was our sixth home remodel. All of the textured ceilings in the house were sanded down, re-mudded and sanded again.  Then, of course multiple coats of fresh paint. All of the stained woodwork in the house was removed and replaced with…

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Revamped Dresser and USA Map Art

Opening up walls in old houses and studying the detail and craftsmanship that went into building homes a century ago is truly fascinating.  After tearing out several plaster walls in the Mulberry House, I had boxes and boxes of lath I wanted to repurpose into art.  In my opinion, the wood was far too beautiful to be thrown in the…

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Red Desk to Green Side Table

Last fall, I acquired this “hand-me-down” desk from my sweet sister-in-law.  I honestly didn’t care for the style of the desk too much–all I could see when I looked at it were the legs.  Because it was free, I took no issue with tearing the desk apart, stealing the legs, and using them to make something I now love.  It’s…

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Teachers Who See

I was in sixth grade when I first witnessed the crippling effects of a tragic loss.  A girl in my school, not much older than I was at the time, had chosen to end her life.  Our town was devastated and heartbroken–our school was silent and shocked. My teacher at the time, who overflowed with wisdom and compassion, realized that…

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Wherever You Are, Be ALL There

Have you seen them?  They’re absolutely everywhere.  You know, the ones who can’t stop staring. I see them in restaurants while dining with my family.  They’re preparing to eat with their families too, except–they’re not really there. I imagine them as human versions of moths and mosquitoes, hunched over their metaphorical “bug zappers”, uncontrollably drawn in by the glow of…

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The Restoring House

To a fault, I am more of a “doer” than a “thinker”. I get an idea and “Boom!”–I’m on it. For this reason, I make an enormous amount of mistakes, change my mind incessantly and cause myself tremendous mental pain. I admire individuals who can thoughtfully and carefully consider every aspect of a situation before acting, taking into account every…

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