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The Making of a Family (Sign)

Some time ago our church was working through purging some “goodies” that had accumulated in storage.  The staff asked if members might have any interest in these items, and if so, to please take them home.

Because I am so fond of free junk, I grabbed a handful of treasures and packed our already full-of-children vehicle with lots of crap that I didn’t at all need.  Yes, I am somewhat of an optimistic hoarder: I tend to see potential in rubbish and cannot bear to see it go curbside.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excellent at removing unwanted articles from my home when the time arrives – it’s just that I first have to go through the season of crowding our abode full of nonessentials, future projects, and people’s hand-me-downs before I can begin to clear it all out again.  It’s a vicious cycle.  It makes no sense.  Please don’t try to understand.

The sad part is that I’m concerned my son has a bit of the hoarding gene as well.  He says he prefers his room to look and feel like a jungle rather than nice, clean, and organized.

And he literally made his room feel more like a forest on this same “throw the church’s hand-me-down crap in the car” Sunday, because he grabbed one of those giant “sit-on-the stage and look as fake as you possibly can” artificial ficus trees and shoved it in his uncle’s truck to transport to our home.

With a concerned look on his face, my husband questioned if I was feeling ok when he realized that I was allowing, and even encouraging what was taking place (a towering ficus tree exiting the church with little boy leg sprouts shuffling towards us).  People were cracking up laughing and looking at me like I had lost my mind when they witnessed my little guy loading up his prize.  I just shrugged and said, “Hey, he wants a jungle…”

One of the items I snagged on church-purge day was this shining beauty:

Maybe you love it in it’s original Tuscan farm form and you’re going to be mad at me for harming it’s aesthetics…I don’t know…I have another one in my garage if you don’t like the way this one turns out.  I’ll let you know when I go through my “get rid of everything in sight” phase and then you can have it to hoard for awhile.

Because I have piles and piles of leftover lath to reuse from the Mulberry House, I thought this silver frame would look cute filled with the scrap wood.

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First step was just a matter of taking off the back of the frame and removing the picture, mat, and glass.  Once I had the measurements for the pieces of lath, I headed for the saw.

After I fastened all of the measured and cut lath into the frame (with shipping tape, cardboard, and super glue-just like a true craftsman;)), I was ready to lay out my letters.  The “A”, “M”, and “I” are all just from scrap wood that I had in the garage.  Nothing fancy.  I enjoy combining a mix of purchased, more “perfect” letters with my hand-made letters.  I like variation in my creations.  Say that ten times fast.

Once I liked the look of the layout of my letters, I got busy staining and painting.

I hit the painted pieces with some sandpaper on the edges once they were completely dry, and then rubbed a dark walnut stain on the “M”, and quickly wiped it off.  I wanted just a touch of stain over the paint.

Then it was just a matter of drilling holes and fastening the letters to the lath with screws.  I threw some washers in there “just because.”

All done.  Wasn’t that easy?

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GIVEAWAY ALERT!!  I am clearing stuff out of our current home renovation–and this “Family” sign needs to find a new home.  Do you want it?  Simply leave a comment saying, “I want it” on this post (not on Facebook because I can’t see all of those comments).  The only catch is you must be willing to pick it up in Fredericktown, Ohio because I don’t want to ship this one.

Thanks for reading!

*****UPDATE*****Karen won the Family Sign.  Thanks so much to everyone who played!

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