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Antique Containers and What to do with Them

As I mentioned in my previous post, antiquing is my favorite way to find unique items to decorate my home.  While shopping with my sister-in-law one Saturday, we ran across these cuties in a store in her area:

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We kept spotting antique containers filled with succulents like these all over the store, but we were frustrated as all get out because there were no price-tags on any of them.  They were simply there to decorate the store.  What kind of store does this to people?  I was so confused.  I felt like Veruca Salt (Daddy!  I want one!  I want one right now!).

I’m sure a handful of people noticed that I was darting from one arrangement to another (picture a mall walker with the high swinging arms and hips rocking speedily side to side) searching for one that was for sale.  No dice.  I knew right then that I would just have to make one of my own.  So, my mission began: to find a unique antique container and fill it with varying artificial succulents.

After visiting several antique stores that very same day, my sister-in-law found me the container I was looking for: an old baking pan.

I’m not sure what everyone sees when they see these pictures, but I see opportunity.

After bringing my baking pan home, I tried to survey how many clay pots I should buy to fill the trays.  The succulents in the inspiration arrangement were planted directly into the containers, but my mom mentioned the fact that if I planted the succulents in pots and just sat them in the pans, I could change out the arrangements easily and do different things with the pan.  I liked that idea.  I change my mind a lot, so that was the perfect suggestion for me and my home.

I decided two pots per pan would work perfectly.

Just look at all that aged goodness…

Once I had the clay pots purchased, it was just a matter of filling them with the succulents.  My mom is a floral designer, so of course I handed it over to her at this point.  Don’t be intimidated though, you can totally do it yourself.  It’s just a matter of placing blocks of dry floral foam in the clay pots and pushing the succulents down into the foam until they’re secure.  No sweat.

Just fill it full until you feel happy inside.

The only thing left to do at this point is to find a home for your new creation and enjoy.

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