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Love Farmhouse Style? Go Antiquing!

Farmhouse style first stole my heart last century-in 1999.  I was in college at the time and living at home with my parents.  (I know, I am overwhelming you with my exciting ways, aren’t I?)  While other kids my age were out living it up in the city, I was at home making blankets from old scraps of fabric, sketching Four Squares and Colonials in my “Dream Home” notebooks, shopping antique stores, frequenting auction barns, and refinishing old pieces of furniture.  Where’s the grandma emoji when you need one, right?  Who’s got my cane?

The very first project I refinished in my young adult life was given to me by my mother.  She had purchased a sad little decrepit dresser with no less than seven different layers of paint on top of it’s original oak at an auction for $10.  I spent a ridiculous amount of hours restoring that dresser, and even though it took loads of hard work, it’s where I first came to the realization that I loved grabbing hold of garbage and discovering ways to give it life again.

When my husband and I were first married, it took him a little time to grow accustomed to my atypical ways.  I still giggle thinking about the day I happened upon a piece of trashed furniture on a family member’s burn pile.  Gold!  I climbed up and over the mountain of ashes, and slowly surveyed every angle of my find.  Yep, just as I thought: a perfect nightstand for my husband.  The only obstacle that stood in my way was convincing him that this piece belonged to him, and that he should probably go ahead and help me load it into our vehicle.

He looked at me, quiet and calm, but with a sort of panic in his eyes, that communicated, “How unfortunate.  I seem to have just promised to spend the rest of my life with a crazy person.”

It took several minutes of “conversation” to convince my man that this was a magnificent idea.  And, blah blah blah, sixteen years later, and it still remains on his side of the bed today.  Still giggling.  He has learned over the years to deal with my hobbies (and unusual ideas), and I love him dearly for allowing me to be who God created me to be.

Just last month, my husband and I had the opportunity to spend the day together for my birthday, and because it was “my day”, he insisted that I choose where and how we spent our time together.  Well, if given the opportunity, I, of course am going to choose one of my most favorite past times:  to the antique stores we drove.

Millersburg, Ohio is not far from our neck of the woods, and it also happens to have gorgeous scenery all along the drive, so it’s a win-win for a day trip.

Trust me, if you love the farmhouse feel on Pinterest images, and adore shows such as Fixer Upper, visiting your nearest antique store will be your best tool in achieving the same look in your home.

Not only do I love searching for treasures in these stores, but many of the store buildings themselves are extremely inspiring.

On a separate day trip with my sister-in-law, we went antiquing in several shops in Northeastern Ohio.  The one that stood out most to me on this trip was Country Pickers.

Country Pickers’ owners were extremely personable and we stood and chatted with them for quite some time.  It was obvious that they were passionate about what they do: They drive all over the state, picking barns and houses for the treasures that they then bring back to fill their store.

If you “like” their Facebook Page, you can follow online auctions that Gina holds, and she also frequently posts pictures of items she has available in the store.  Which leads me to how I came about obtaining these drawers:

When this picture first came across my screen, it was love at first sight.  I have a little “thing” for drawers that can hide all of my goodies.

Imagine my excitement when the drawers were counted: 40 of those puppies.  Yeah baby.  My excitement dwindled a teensy bit after scrubbing the 27th drawer with steel wool.  Gotta love rust.  I persevered, though!  So look out craft supplies, momma’s got you a new home!

I just knocked off all of the rust with steel wool, and gave everything a couple coats of flat black spray paint.

I knew from the beginning these drawers would need something around the sides and back.  I think they were used in a garage for nuts and bolts, so I’m assuming aesthetics were not necessarily a priority.  I worked with my husband to design a box around the perimeter of the drawers.

And of course more paint…

Brown or white, brown or white…  These decisions can make me crazy.  I honestly liked both, but I thought the brown made it look a little more vintage, and wouldn’t show every little spot of dirt since lots of little fingers will be using these drawers.

My craft room just made me a little happier.

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