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Crestview II

Crestview II was our seventh home remodel. It is located right next door to our fourth remodel, the Crestview House.

Crestview II is a 1200 square foot, three bedroom, one bathroom brick ranch.

I have provided affiliate links all throughout this post so items pictured can easily be shopped at no additional cost to you. Just click on the highlighted words on the images in order to be directed to the link.

We used Behr Ultra White Satin paint from Home Depot straight out of the can (no tint) all throughout the house.

Kitchen Demo
Stenciled wall
Barn Painting

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The Connector House
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The Crestview House
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10 thoughts on “Crestview II

  1. You are amazing at this! What a beautiful makeover. Who wouldn’t want to live there! And just when is your TV show beginning? 😂😘

  2. Amazing! You make it all seem so easy and the homes look peaceful. Uncluttered and every detail is beautiful.

    They presentation was also very clear and uncomplicated. Inspiring. I want to see more!!! Mush more!!!
    Many presentations are confusing and overwhelming.

    The clarity of your design was simple–like most of us want our houses to be. We just can’t see where to start. The plans we see are so far from simple. They are just too overwhelming and impossible.

  3. Come remodel my house up in Canada 😂 everything about all those houses you have posted I love. I wish I had this kind of eye for remodeling

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