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DIY Feather Finish Concrete Countertops

Years ago I found a tutorial on Pinterest for DIY feather finish concrete countertops, using an existing countertop as a base. This post from Lauren at Bless’er House is the post I pinned, and also what I used as inspiration for our bathroom countertops.

Before we get started with the steps we took to achieve our concrete countertops, let’s go over the list of supplies you’ll need.

Supplies We Used:  (Affiliate links are provided below for convenience.)

First of all, you will need a product called Henry Feather Finish. I’ve included the affiliate link for you to purchase it on Amazon here, but I’ve also purchased it at Home Depot.

Before my husband started the skimcoat, he prepared our countertops by sanding the top of the granite. He used his palm sander with 50 grit sand paper for this step. I don’t know that the sanding did all that much, but he tried his best to create a “tooth” on the countertops for the Feather Finish to grab onto.

We taped off the sides of the countertop so that we didn’t get the skim coat on the wall.

Next, follow the package instructions and mix the Feather Finish to the recommended consistency.

Then, apply the Henry Feather Finish to the countertop with the trowel as thin and flat as possible. You might want to use a putty knife in the corners. In the inspiration post I shared, she details how her husband made a huge mistake by laying the skim coat down too thick. She had to sand for days to correct it.

You will want to work as fast as you possibly can, because the finish dries REALLY quickly.

We applied two coats of the Feather Finish with ample drying time in between.

After it’s completely dry and set (follow package directions), you’ll want to sand out any lines made with your knife. My husband held a Shop Vac in one hand and his palm sander in the other in order to minimize the dust. He used 120, 220 grit sandpaper for this step. This is where you’ll want to wear the safety glasses and face mask.

Once he was satisfied with how the countertops sanded out, he used this matte urethane as a sealer. We purchased it from Deco-Crete. We used this same “Liquid Metals” finish on the concrete countertops in our Crestview II flip also, and we were very happy with the results. Lauren (inspiration girl) used a sealer she purchased from Amazon and was happy with her results too.

And that’s it! Please let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to share. Thanks for following along!

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47 thoughts on “DIY Feather Finish Concrete Countertops

  1. On the concrete countertops can you change the color? What color would you say the ones y’all did are? I love how it turned out.

    1. I would imagine you could stain it before sealing, but I can’t guarantee it. Ours are a mix of dark and light gray. Thanks.

  2. If I wanted a more even color over the whole piece instead of seeing the trowel lines, do you think that’s possible? I love the look of yours but I’d be worried I’d be able to see every swipe I made

    1. Every time we’ve done these countertops, we’ve seen our trowel lines, so I’m not sure if it’s possible or not…

    2. How long do you think it took all together ? And what about the edges ? Did the mix drip off the edges or no ? Is it still holding up ?

      1. I couldn’t really say how long the whole project took. It’s definitely beginner level. The mix doesn’t drip off the edges. If you work in thin layers, it will stick to the countertop. It’s holding up great. I’m very happy with it.

  3. Hi, very impressed with your results, especially the color. You mentioned you used both dark and light grey. Did you color it yourself or does it come in those two colors? We’re thinking about redoing our kitchen with this product or one similar. Thanks.

    1. Hi. Thanks. We didn’t color the Feather Finish. The shades of gray happened naturally when we used this product.

  4. I was interested to know how it held up. There has been so much buzz lately about the negatives of concrete countertops and their need for sealing constantly and whether they crack over time. Have you noticed any problems with yours? I appreciate your feedback and like your results.

    1. I can’t personally vouch for it in the kitchen, as I’ve never had it in my kitchen. The blog post I followed as inspiration (Lauren from Bless’er House) used it in her kitchen, though…

    1. I can’t personally vouch for it in the kitchen, as I’ve never had it in my kitchen. The blog post I followed as inspiration (Lauren from Bless’er House) used it in her kitchen, though…

  5. Wondering if you could use a sponge to even out the surface so you wouldn’t see any trowel marks seems it’s not like self leveling cement

    1. That’s a good wonder! You could always experiment on a scrap piece of wood or similar material to your countertop…

  6. I have wanted to use the feather concrete over my kitchen granite tiles, but had not seen any post of anyone doing this over granite until your review. I was concerned that the concrete would not adhere to the granite, glad to hear that you were able to do this. Do you think this would hold up in a kitchen?

    1. I can’t vouch for a kitchen personally, but the post I used as inspiration used it in her kitchen. It’s held up fantastic in my bathroom. Not one issue.

  7. Hello! I wondered if you sanded between the first and second coat or just the final coat? I’ve seen it sanded between layers but not at the very end. Just curious. The countertop looks lovely! I’m attempting this in our travel trailer.

    1. Hi. My husband applied the two coats of feather finish and then sanded at the end. Thanks. I hope it works out great for you in your travel trailer!

  8. I am wanting a rougher finish, including a “chiseled” edge to look more like natural slate. Do you think I can get that type of finish so long as we rough up the base edge and don’t cover it too thick?

    1. That’s a great question. I have never tried any technique other than what we did in this post. But, if you give it a go, you’ll have to let me know how it turns out!

  9. Another post I read, did exactly that, she used a sponge after letting it set for 10 mins or so, just a light touch, that helped with sanding and the lines. Doing my research, and getting ready to tackle the job. Thanks for you post, it looks great.

  10. I’ve wanted to do this to my ugly chocolate brown granite countertops in my kitchen but had yet to find someone who has done it over granite. It is nice to see someone was brave enough to try it! Maybe now I don’t have to be scared and give it a go! Thank you for this post.

  11. Love to try this-
    How did you get the concrete to set on the front outside piece of the counter? Did it fall off?

    I have a tiled bathroom countertop and would love to use this method but not sure how to do the 4 in tile back splash or the front outside piece.

    Any suggestions??

    1. This concrete is not as fluid as others. If you work it around in a thin layer, it will stick just fine to the front of the countertop.

  12. I am wondering if you can do this for an outside project as a counter near the grill and smoker? If it would hold up to the New Mexico, Arizona weather, which sometimes over a hundred in the summer and freezing in the winter. Trying to look for a low maintenance outside counter top for a DIY pallet counter that we have made.

  13. I’m currently renting a very poorly maintained house and everything needs replaced. I’m thinking of doing this in the bathroom as a test (really small area) but I’m going to try to color it with some powdered RIT Dye. Probably in black. Wondering if anyone can think of any problems I might encounter prior to starting this. Comments, suggestions? Thank you.

    1. Did you color it with dye? How did it work? I’m currently working on my kitchen and I want to change the color of the concrete…not sure the best way to go about it…

  14. I absolutely love you pr bathroom concrete counter. Color & all. Just what I want in mine. Can you give me any sealer types good for this type area. It’s a small vanity counter & I’m looking for something that might come in smaller sized sealers. Thank you soooo much.

    1. Thanks! I just purchased a small container of concrete sealer on Amazon. It seemed to go on well. Time will tell if it holds up…

    1. I would think that it would work fine over a plastic-type countertop, but I’ve never done it, so I couldn’t guarantee it. Ours has held up very well.

  15. Are your countertops still holding up well in your bathroom? Have you tried it in a kitchen yet? I’m concerned with cracking since the layers are so thin. Any new suggestions since you’ve done these projects? Thank you!

    1. Very well. They still look exactly the same. We’ve only gone over granite in our bathroom, but not a single crack and it’s constantly covered in water.

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