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The Cabin at Wildwood

The Cabin at Wildwood was our ninth home remodel.  We purchased it in June of 2020.  

The cabin is located in Butler, Ohio, just minutes away from Mohican State Park.

I have provided affiliate links all throughout this post so items pictured can easily be shopped at no additional cost to you. Just click on the highlighted words to be directed to the link. 

We used Behr Ultra White Satin paint from Home Depot straight out of the can (no tint) all throughout the cabin.

Soap dispenser

Green Farmhouse Light


Hand Towels

Picture Frames

Upstairs Bathroom Before
Upstairs Bathroom After

Cabinet Pull

Toilet Paper Holder

Hand Towels

Bath Towels

Cabin Before
Cabin After


Black Turnbuckles

Swing Arm Sconce

Snake Plant

Retro Toaster

Cabinet Handle Pull

Mushroom Knob

Bin pull

Cabin Before
Cabin After

Brass Gold Sconce

Cabin Hallway Before
Cabin Hallway After

Cabinet Pull

Drawer Pull

Small Drawer Pull

Cabin Hallway Before
Cabin Hallway After

Black Doorknob

Coat Hooks

Small Drawer Pull

Cabinet Pull

Bedroom Before
Bedroom #1 After

Queen Platform Bed

Bedroom Sconces

White Pillow Covers

Yellow Pillow Covers

Bedroom #1
Bedroom #1
Bedroom #1
Bedroom #1
Bedroom #2

Queen Bed Frame

Swing Arm Wall Sconce

Chenille Throw

Striped Pillow Cover

Gray Pillow Covers

Twin Daybed and Trundle

Swing Arm Sconce

Basement Kitchenette

Swing Arm Sconce

Shelf Brackets

Cabinet Pull


Soap Dispenser

Trash Can

Cabin Basement Before
Cabin Basement After

Green Farmhouse Light

Soap Dispenser

Cabin Basement Before
Cabin Basement After

Drawer Pull

Door Pull

Hand Towels

Soap Dispenser

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76 thoughts on “The Cabin at Wildwood

  1. Amazing! So glad i found you as we begin our next “project”. You’ve really inspired me and given some focus on where I’d like to take it! What is the green color you used here?

    Thanks again for the inspiration!

  2. I’d love to see more pics of the kitchen. We have an A-frame that we need more inspiration to renovate

  3. Love the color palette you chose for this cabin! So warm and inviting!! What brand and color paint is the green you used throughout the cabin? I love that!!

  4. Well done you! So lovely in every way! Wondering how you transformed your ceiling beams? Did you refinish the originals or replace?

  5. I love this cabin SO MUCH! What wonderful inspiration to keep some of the bones of the old cabin and dark wood but brighten it up with the white shiplap. Beautiful, beautiful home! I could stare at these pictures all day! I was going to jump on and ask the same question as everyone else about the paint. Such a fun pop of color and it flows right into everything else without standing out. Amazing job!

  6. This is simply stunning! Did you use the same satin white on walls and trim? Your choice of green is gorgeous! Did you paint interior door green and exterior doors black?
    I’m wondering how you decided what to paint white vs green vs black because the result is amazing and I’d like to apply your philosophy 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, same satin white on walls and trim. Yes, interior doors are green and exterior doors are black. I didn’t really have a philosophy, we just kind of decide as we go:)

  7. Beautiful! We purchased an old cabin and the walls, ceiling and beam are all rough cedar. I’m debating on painting it because I’m afraid it will look unfinished with the rough texture. Was any of the paneling you painted rough?

    1. Thank you. I would say painting a rough texture would be difficult. The surfaces that we’ve painted were fairly smooth.

  8. Hi! I just found your cabin renovation via Pinterest. We have a very similar cabin that are planning to renovate. Did you keep the original ceiling or add any insulation and wood boards to cover that? Our beams are only 2x8s so I know we’ll need to bolster them up and add insulation. I just hate to cover up the beautiful wood ceiling. You did a beautiful job transforming that cabin, keeping some of the original and updating to brighten it up. Thanks!

    1. We kept the original ceiling in the main part of the house, but in the two bedrooms, we added primed and painted pine barn siding in between the beams. It brightened up the bedrooms a great deal!

  9. Seriously, what an amazing job you did! This was the inspiration I’ve been searching for to start our cabin renovation. Did you re-stain your log cabin walls? I have to sand ours down and re-stain them. I’m looking for the color and gloss like yours! Would appreciate if you could share how you did yours? Thank you!

    1. Thank you! We actually didn’t do anything to the existing logs. Wish I could help you on the stain color…

  10. I recently purchased a pine log cabin (at least that’s what I was told) and would love to either paint or drywall some of the interior walls. How did y’all transform the original walls to the white?

    1. Wherever there was existing drywall in the cabin, we replaced it with pine barn siding that we primed and painted a bright white.

  11. Your cabin is so inviting and beautiful. We live in a cabin in the woods in ontario. We have only renovated the bathroom as of yet. Feeling inspired by what you have accomplished. I find it hard to know what to cover and what to keep, or to paint or leave natural, did you struggle with that at all. Any words of wisdom are deeply appreciated. I love your cabin

    1. I struggled with that also. I knew I wanted to keep the logs and beams in their original form, but everything else was fair game. In our cabin, there was so much wood that it all just blended together. Nothing stood out. So I added white, green and black to add contrast to the wood to make the logs stand out. I would choose a feature in your cabin that you want to highlight, and find ways to make it stand out.

  12. What a beautiful transformation! Can you share if you used shiplap or tongue and groove and did you use the same width in all the rooms?

    1. Thank you! We used pine barn siding (tongue and groove), and we used the same style/type boards everywhere, using the side that looked wider on the walls and the side that looked like two smaller boards on the ceilings for some variation.

  13. Hi,
    you did an amazing job on this remodel. It’s gorgeous! We are in the beginning stages of remodeling an older cabin with lots of knotty yellow pine and I love what you did to this cabin. Any suggestions on how to leave some of the wood, retaining some of the charm and character of the original cabin? We have one large main room that connects to the kitchen and stairs/stairway, catwalk that is all knotty yellow pine including the open beam ceiling. Not sure what to paint over and what to leave! Since you had logs to work with it looks like there was a break that makes sense. We don’t have that. Any suggestions?

    1. It was an easy decision for me because my husband asked me to leave the logs and beams original, and everything else was fair game. So anywhere I could add extra character and light, I did, by adding barn siding and painting it bright white.

  14. Love your cabin transformation! We have a log home with Fruitwood walls, woodwork, and interior doors and Early American cabinets. Our windows are brown too. I have been trying to convince my husband to go along with whitewashing but he’s resistant to change. The struggle is real, lol.
    I’ve started stripping the upstairs, it’s a lot of work!
    I also use HTP paint and love the new color Envy that I may do on laundry room cabinets.
    So glad I found your page.

    1. Thanks! HTP is the very best! Yes, anywhere you can add contrast or color against all that wood makes a world of difference!

      1. Hello! I love your renovation! We recently purchased a log cabin and are thinking of doing a black and white room as well but I am stuck in what color rug to do. Can I ask what you put in your room? Thanks!!!

  15. Hello! Can you also tell me where the rug in the yellow/mustard room is from? We are going for a similar color scheme in one of our rooms. Thanks!

    1. Hi! It was handed down to me from my sister, but I believe she purchased it from Pottery Barn years ago.

  16. Hi, Your renovation is beautiful and so thoughtfully done! What type of counters did you use and how did you go about installing? I would love to do the same in our mountain condo, but am not sure where to start. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi! Thank you! The kitchen countertops are concrete. We purchased forms and just poured the concrete in place on top of the cabinets.

  17. Hi! Amazing transformation. I love the additional seating provided by the console table and stools behind the sofa. Where did you get the table/stools? Thanks!

    1. Hi! Thank you! I purchased the table on FB Marketplace. The stools were left at the cabin by the previous owner, and my husband cut them down to fit under the table and then I painted them.

  18. This is gorgeous- I love everything! I am dying to know what the exterior of this cabin looks like. It is so cozy and so open and airy at the same time!

  19. My cabin is so similar to this one. I too am looking to add splashes of white to brighten it up. What is the white color please?

  20. I saw the photos of your cabin in the fall issue of Cottage Style – it’s a captivating visual feast. I felt myself relaxing just looking at the pictures…The rug in Bedroom #1 – is it vintage or can it be purchased anywhere?

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! That’s so nice! The rug is a hand-me-down from my sister. She purchased it years ago from Pottery Barn.

  21. Gorgeous!!!! So much inspiration!!! I’m wondering about your ceiling fan in the living room, could you tell me where you sourced it?

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