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How to Enjoy Summer All Year Long

Hydrangeas: The word alone makes me happy inside.  Just looking at them makes me want to grab a blankie and dive right in for a cozy nap (although, the neighbors might be a little disturbed by that visual reality).  I can’t get enough of them, and that’s very obvious given the multiple varieties I have planted ring around my home.…

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How to Make a Wood Burned Growth Chart

Family traditions are such a beautiful way of passing down the significance of life’s daily events from generation to generation. I have so many sweet memories of my family’s traditions; my mom always worked so hard to keep them alive in our household.  One of my favorites is a practice that I still carry on for my children, and I…

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The Making of a Family (Sign)

Some time ago our church was working through purging some “goodies” that had accumulated in storage.  The staff asked if members might have any interest in these items, and if so, to please take them home. Because I am so fond of free junk, I grabbed a handful of treasures and packed our already full-of-children vehicle with lots of crap…

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